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Author, artist, and mild doll enthusiast. Feel free to explore.
Lastest Updates:
        Happy Halloween, everyone!  I've posted a holiday-appropriate story in the "Dissertations and Similar" page, as well added the first photos of Eliquisha the Vampire Elf to the "Dolls and Drawings" page.  I doubt I'll be able to add anything November, but I will try to get something new posted for December.
        Enjoy the treats!

        Due to technical difficulties, I was not able to update the website as quickly as I'd like.  As 4th Quarter has yet to start (along with the horrors it brings with my lack of time), I'm going to attempt to rectify that issue before that annual mess begins.
        For today, the "Dolls and Drawings" page is finally up and running, and two new stories have been added to the "Dissertations and Similar" page.  Also, because I feel like being evil, I've pre-posted the title of the next short story I will post.

        Another addition to "Dissertations and Similar" has been uploaded.  The other addition I had in the works is going to take a wee bit longer that I originally thought... I'll post it as soon as I can, but 4th Quarter tends to be a living Hell, so please be patient.

        "Dissertations and Similar" is now up an running.  Two more additions to that page are being worked on, and should hopefully be included later this month, so keep a look out for them!
        Oh, and the "Home" page is finished, too.

        Most of the website is still under contruction, but I have managed to get a couple of the pages up and running.  So, while I continue to work on the site, please enjoy the pages that I've finished (what there is of them, that is): "About Me", and "Contact Me".
        Thank you!
Updated 10/31/2016!