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        Please allow me to explain:
        “Dissertation” is a fancy word for “essay”. I promise I’m not trying to be snooty or anything, I just like the word “dissertation” better than “essay”. Read it out loud; it sounds so much nicer, doesn’t it? I mean, I suppose I could call this my “blog”, except I hate that word; it sounds like a phonetical representation for a burp. It’s just a personal thing, my own opinion, and therefore means nothing to anyone else but me.
        So what exactly is this page for, then?
        Stories that don’t really fit into any of the novels I’m writing. Well, mostly it’s probably going to be short pieces, ranging from a single page to ten or so, of just my own thoughts on things. They’re not really essays; most English teachers would probably look at what I’ve written and cry, mostly because I’m not using any set writing standard for “proper theses”. Really, they’re just their own kind of little stories on what recently went through my head, just personal things, my own opinions put into print, and therefore will mean nothing to anyone else but me.
        Consider it just a version of, “Oh, she’s still alive and writing. Cool.”
Dissertations, Short Stories, and Anything Else I Feel Like
Updated 10/31/2016!