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A Little About Myself… Mostly Because There Isn’t Much To Write
        I have always loved telling stories, no matter the medium—reading, singing, acting, drawing, but most especially writing. Some of my earliest memories consist of sitting at my father’s computer (a noisy, ancient thing with a black screen and yellow text), barely able to reach the keyboard, and typing up short stories that suited my three-year-old fancy.
        Yes. I was writing stories when I was three. Now that I think about it… bizarre.
        Over the years I’ve expanded on the simple ideas that I started with: fantastical creatures, magical phenomenon, death (yes, I was writing stories about death and murder when I was three—I really have no idea why), love, and redemption. I’ve since discovered that I am able to find humor, even dark humor, in whatever situation I write about. I learned to produce my own worlds, to put into words the visuals I see in my head, and—most importantly—to truly love all of the characters I created. Even the villains.
        My life is currently nothing spectacular. I go to work during the day, I go home in the evenings, I feed my dog, I cook my own food (nothing fancy, unless I’m in the mood), I go to bed and sleep, and the next day is pretty much the same. When my mind is incapable of writing (it happens, and it’s irritating), I crochet, knit, or sew doll clothes, or fix up the dolls the clothes are supposed to go on (such as repainting the faces or replacing/fixing the hair). I’ve also been known to spend days or even weeks drawing pictures in pen and ink. I enjoy marathon reading, though I don’t often have the time to do so anymore, and I play the piano or fool around with my MIDI maker when I’m in the mood for music. Sometimes I housesit for my friends; usually I’m helping one friend in particular clean her house (it’s been ongoing for years, and it will probably continue to be ongoing for years). As I wrote earlier, nothing fancy.
        So… any questions?