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Meet My Dolls
Sapphire, the Sleeping Princess
Florence, the Only Male
Eliquisha, the Vampire Elf
Seyujia, the... Interesting One
The youngest of the four siblings, Eliquisha is fond of showing off her removable skirt and cape, as well as her matching boots.  She'd probably be chasing things to destroy if I let her, but I don't think she's responsible enough to have a weapon yet.

Her outfit cost about the same as Sapphire's, though it was much faster to put together as she's not as much into frills... with the exception of those boots, which took forever.
Coming as soon as I've made her decent clothing!  Trust me, she NEEDS it.
Coming as soon as I've made him decent clothing, which will be after I've bought/made him a head!
And here are the promised drawings...
...coming eventually.
Introducing my perpetually napping princess, who's been known to climb ladders, play the piano, and sing while fast asleep.
She's the eldest female of the four siblings, and enjoys dressing in frilly and expensive outfits that match her naturally blue hair.

Her current outfit cost approximately $80-$125 (US), and took six months to make.  Yes, she sleeps in it.
While I attempt to find a way to scan in my drawings so they look great, please enjoy this picture of a Jigglypuff I drew during lunch one day in the office.
Updated 10/31/2016!